Hazrat Yousuf Full Movie In Urdu Fre [UPD] ⌛

Hazrat Yousuf Full Movie In Urdu Fre [UPD] ⌛


Hazrat Yousuf Full Movie In Urdu Fre



Yousuf Karsh was born in Mumbai, India on March 15, 1875. He was named Yousuf Ishak Khan. Karsh moved to England after his marriage to Sarah Ellinwood in 1890. Here, he pursued a career in architecture that lasted for many years. He also became an ardent Zionist. He died in London on August 14, 1967. Karsh’s artistic career began at the age of seventeen. He was the first person to photograph the art of Abdul Karim Haideri, who was a one of the most revered poets in Urdu and was considered the Rumi of Pakistan. Karsh and Haideri were dear friends, and in fact they shared living quarters when Haideri lived in Karachi. His work as a photographer was of utmost importance in the artistic career of Yousuf Karsh. When photographing Haideri, he used many lenses including a 50mm, a 100mm, a 105mm and a 210mm. Yet, he was fascinated with the use of telephoto lenses. Eventually, he developed a telephoto lens that could shoot 25x25cm pictures at 1000mm (40.5×40.5ft). Yousuf Karsh was a pioneer of photography in Pakistan. He is regarded as the first Pakistani photographer. He was the first to take pictures of famous Urdu poets. His work is not only distinguished by his excellent ability as a photographer, but his creativity in the art of photography and his excellent use of light and color are also quite remarkable. He was a great influence to other photographers and he believed that they should strive to capture the world around them in the same spirit in which he does.

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